MAJU's Spirulina Powder, Microcystin Free, USA Grown, Non-Irradiated, Non-GMO, Preferred to Chlorella, Pesticide-Free, Preferred to Organic Hawaiian & Blue Algae, Pure Vegan Green Protein

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Be Wary of Chinese Spirulina - Chinese spirulina is rampant on the market, however anyone who has experienced high quality Spirulina can instantly tell the difference. Our Spirulina is California Grown, Non-GMO, & Pesticide Free. Avoid the nasty swampy smell. Try Maju's Spirulina.
FREE eBook "Mastering Superfoods" Instantly on Purchase - We will send you our top spirulina recipes, as well as a few more just as our way of spreading the green power message!!
BETTER than Organic - We are pesticide free, but not "organic." Organic Spirulina is harvested using organic fertilizers intended for soil which typically contain excessive heavy metals. Organic spirulina typically undergoes a potentially dangerous irradiation process. Once you try our clean California Spirulina, you'll never go back. Our Spirulina will engulf your senses with a crazy natural algae smell that you'll get nowhere else--you may feel like Poseidon himself once you give it a try.
SUPERFOOD ALGAE - This raw, mineral rich powdered protein burst is a natural way to give your juice a vitamin & nutrients boost. Goes great with barleygrass, chorella, wheatgrass, and more. Simply the best spirulina on Amazon!
Maju's History - We are passionate about our health. We created Maju a few years back with a simple mission--offer the cleanest and most potent superfoods on the planet at a reasonable price. Chat with us and you will notice that we truly care about what we sell.


Simply put, the cleanest most powerful Spirulina you can buy. Our Spirulina is grown in Southern California in an isolated region free of cross contamination, and has consistently been rated higher than other brands grown in the USA. Each batch of our Spirulina is harvested from isolated tanks, carefully analyzed for contaminants, and carefully dried to ensure preservation. We stand behind our product, and are confident you will notice the difference of Maju Superfoods. Proudly 100% California Grown, and Batch Analyzed by ExpertsOur Spirulina is clean. Most organic spirulina is grown in Asia (China) undergoes potentially dangerous irradiation. Why not keep spirulina healthy (as it should be) by sticking with a clean source? FREE Recipe eBook "Master Superfoods" on Purchase We will send you our top 5 spirulina recipes instantly upon purchase. 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee Try us out. Heck, even return an empty bottle if you want. If you do not like our product, simply issue refund request. No questions asked. So, you want smooth, rich, dark-green Spirulina? Got it. Our customers have taste compared us to (and have rated Maju's Spirulina Powder higher than) the other top Spirulina brands. Our rating should speak for itself! Customer Reviews: "This makes for an excellent additive to any food items that you want to add it too. It works especially well in smoothies and other beverages as well. It does have a little bit of an after taste that can take some getting used to but I can feel the difference in my digestive system and it has done a great job of helping me stay regular and drop a couple of pounds in conjunction with eating healthier." - April Jackson, March 2016."This spirulina has a pleasant taste compared to similar products and mixes well without clumps. It's a key ingredient in my daily protein shakes. " Heather W.