Piper Breathing Exercise Device for Lungs Lung Exerciser Breathing Trainer for Respiratory Therapy, Inspiratory Expiratory Volumetric Exerciser for Natural Mucus Relief, Lung Health and COPD Support

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RETRAIN YOUR LUNGS to work better with this innovative breathing exerciser device for respiratory therapy. Our lung exerciser device enhances lung capacity to overcome shortness of breath.
DUAL-FUNCTION BREATHING TRAINER for lung exercise can be used an inspiratory lung expander or as an expiratory breathing exerciser that helps improve your ability to take long, slow and deep breaths.
STRENGTHEN YOUR LUNGS with our lungs exercise device for adult use. This breathing trainer measures your lung capacity, lets you track your progress and helps keep your alveoli air sacs inflated.
NATURAL, DRUG-FREE breathing treatment addresses an array of respiratory conditions. Our breathing exercise device for lungs is an effective tool for COPD, emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis and allergies.
ADJUSTABLE BREATHING EXERCISER and lung expander is 5.1L x 1.8W and weighs 2.2 ounces. With 6 expiratory and 6 inspiratory pressure settings, the lung trainer offers tailored volumetric exercise.